nVidia Mobility Modder Tool

by admin December 5, 2009 at 2:40 pm

The Ati Mobility Modder has been an enthusiast favourite for years now, with over 10 million downloads it seems there are a lot of laptop users who don’t want to wait on their manufacturer updating driver sets. Let’s be honest, most of the major laptop makers are normally lagging many months behind the latest official driver sets from either nVidia or ATI.

nVidia Mobility Modder Tool is an automated tool for nVidia enthusiasts who like to game on the go. Newer drivers have bug fixes, performance enhancements as well as possibly making a hot new game playable on various platforms.

How to use DriverHeaven Nvidia Mobility Modder.

1. Download the newest desktop drivers from NVIDIA’s WEBSITE or get them from Driver Heaven Downloads.

1a: If you are using Windows XP or earlier, install .Net Framework (the program won’t run without this), the latest version can be found at this link.

2. Run the downloaded driver and let it extract or if the driver is in zip format then extract it manually into a folder, for example into C:/NVIDIA/”Windows version”/”Driver version” – but cancel the installation once the driver is extracted.

3. Run Mobility Modder.NET nVidia Edition and browse to the driver in C:/NVIDIA/”Windows version”/”Driver version” – an example of nVidia GeForce 177.79 would be C:/NVIDIA/WinVista/177.79 – hit modify. Wait until driver is modified.

4. In Vista/Win7, go to C:/NVIDIA/WinVista/177.79 (Or whatever the driver installation folder was called), and run the SETUP.EXE.

5. Wait until Install is finished and reboot. Enjoy the new drivers !

No spyware or any form of tracking code included

Download: nVidia Mobility Modder Tool