Obsidian 1.04

by admin March 19, 2007 at 10:37 am

Obsidian is a full package and is true FREEWARE. The idea of the software is to provide a simple interface for an MP3 collection of any size. The user can then easily browse all their albums on a single page and view a list of all their artists and tracks. They can store favourites, play random tracks through their whole collection, or within an album. Many possibilities. Also Obsidian allows a user to associate any artwork with their music collection. This is achieved by the user in seconds as Obsidian has an integrated internet image search function, not only for albums, but also for artists and individual tracks. The difference is though that Obsidian handles these images intelligently, so once the artist or album artwork is downloaded the first time, it is automatically associated with all of the tracks in the album. The image for the artist is also associated with all of the artist’s other works. The artwork does not have to be processed again and again for each MP3 file.

Download: Obsidian 1.04