by admin May 29, 2006 at 7:17 am

Okopipi is the successor to Blue Security’s Blue Frog project. This project aims to become a distributed replacement of anti-spam software Blue Frog, which does not depend on a centralized server. It will be based on a P2P network (the “frognet”). On failure to connect it could still opt out given e-mail addresses. The project is currently in the design phase.

Okopipi works by submitting opt-outs to the merchant sites associated with spam. The network creates opt-out scripts on the behalf of all members that reported the spam. Okopipi will also act as a proxy, submitting the opt-outs for each user.

It is important to understand that Okopipi is NOT a Denial of Service (DOS) network. The network is designed to specifically PREVENT overloading merchant servers. It’s purpose is simply to empower users to complain about the spam that they receive.

Okopipi will be a free open source project. Users should never have pay to use this service, although donations will be appreciated.

Read more: Okopipi.org