OLK Finder 2.0

by admin June 24, 2009 at 11:38 am

OLK Finder is a small and simple utility that let you easily find the location and handle the content of MS Outlook security temp folder.

What is OLK Folder ?

When you open file attachments that are considered safe, Outlook places these attachments in a subdirectory under your Temporary Internet Files directory as an extra precaution. When Outlook first tries to use a temporary file, it determine whether or not the Temp OLK folder has already been created. If yes, it uses the folder. If no, it creates a random folder to store the files.

Why use it ?

Sometimes when you delete by mistake a file from one of your Outlook messages, you can try and recover this file from the OLK folder, with OLK finder you will find the file and folder quickly.

Windows 7 support.

Download: OLK Finder 2.0