O&O DiskImage Express Edition 4.1.47

by admin February 2, 2010 at 4:42 pm

O&O DiskImage Express Edition is the freeware version of our celebrated data imaging product. Thanks to its being so easy to use, you’ll be able to create images of your entire computer and restore individual data drives in no time at all.

Create an image of your data now and be protected against data loss:

Thanks to its intuitive user interface and innovative design, O&O DiskImage 4 Express makes creating data images as easy as pie.

Ever increasing amounts of vital personal data (letters, photos, emails, tax declarations) are currently being saved on computers. Having an image of such data is therefore extremely important. And to make sure that neither too high a price nor a too complicated product prevents you from protecting your data, we’ve developed this free O&O DiskImage Express Edition.

Image all your data, your installed programs, and your Windows operating system with absolutely no expense. You’ll be able to fall back on the imaged data whenever you want by mounting the image as a drive. It’s only in the event you need to restore your operating system partition (the part of the hard disk on which Microsoft Windows is installed) that you’ll ever need the O&O DiskImage Professional Edition.

Download: O&O DiskImage Express Edition 4.1.47