OpenFeint Social Platform for iPhone 3.26.2009

by admin April 19, 2009 at 7:52 pm

OpenFeint – Social Platform for iPhone

· You integrate an Open Source Objective-C Plug-in, We Run the Server
· Leaderboards, Chat Rooms, Cross Promotion Lobbies
· Communicate with your player base instantly without updating the application
· Let your users bring in their Twitter and Facebook Identities and push status messages to their social feeds.
· Available at no charge for free iPhone games

OpenFeint Feature Details

Social Network Integration
Twitter, Facebook and MySpace integration allows players to bring their social identities to the iPhone.

Global Community Chat Rooms
Chat rooms for players to discuss recommendations, tips, and reviews of other games on the iPhone.

News Feeds
Players can keep in touch with all of their friends’ activities from one screen (Wall comments, actions in games, befriending people).

Buddy Lists
Players can friend other players within their community or across the iPhone gaming community.

Player Walls
Each player gets a wall where other players can leave comments and view wall-to-wall conversations.

Players can upload an avatar photo or take one with their iPhone camera.

Game Specific Chat Rooms
Chat rooms for meeting other players, sharing tips, strategies and experiences within each game community.

Download: OpenFeint Social Platform for iPhone 3.26.2009