Opera Widgets 10.10.1840 Beta

by admin October 15, 2009 at 6:28 pm

Opera Widgets are handy small programs which you can download free and use on your desktop, mobile phone or TV.

Previously, widgets in Opera were heavily dependent on the browser itself, meaning that you had to have Opera open to download and run the applications (even if the applications did not require live access to the Internet). With the launch of Opera Widgets for desktop, this has changed for the better. Opera (less than 10Mb on Windows) must be installed to power the applications, but it no longer must be running to download or use them. The applications now have the ability to be standalone programs with their own installers, shortcuts, and file system access. They even run as their own processes — separate from the browser itself. In other words, Opera Widgets are now much more like regular applications that users are familiar with. Opera Widgets for desktop promises to give developers the options they need to create the optimal experience for the users of their applications, combined with the aforementioned benefits of Web applications that are based on open standards.

Download: Opera Widgets 10.10.1840 Beta