Orange iPhone unlock starts demise of exclusive carrier model

by admin November 28, 2007 at 1:52 pm

French mobile carrier Orange has made a mockery of the T-Mobile charge of €600 to unlock an iPhone, which was forced upon it by a Vodafone injunction. Orange has offered to unlock iPhones for much more reasonable prices which will give customers an incentive to choose their own carriers in France.

The price to unlock an iPhone purchased in France through Orange is a relatively affordable €150 if they stay with the carrier on an non-iPhone plan and €250 if they choose not to take a plan without the carrier. In addition, an Orange customer can unlock an iPhone for €100 within six months of purchasing an iPhone if they choose an iPhone plan. The resulting prices of €549 and €649, while still relatively expensive compared to the €399 with an Orange iPhone plan, are not totally outrageous for consumers wanting a premium smartphone product in Europe.

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