Outmaneuvered: Real Networks hits Hollywood with preemptive suit

by admin September 30, 2008 at 10:14 pm

Seattle (WA) – Real Networks today said that it has filed a lawsuit against major Hollywood studios to protect its RealDVD software from potential legal actions of these studios. RealDVD is a software package that allows consumers to copy DVDs, but integrates the usual copy-protection that limits the use of those copies. We aren’t quite sure why Hollywood would be upset about RealDVD, other than the fact that Real Networks may not pay enough license fees. But according to Real Networks, the studios were upset enough to launch “threats” against RealDVD.

In some way, it sounds like business as usual. A software company announces an application that enables content-ripping and subsequent playback on a PC. Hollywood gets angry and threatens with legal action and a lawsuit follows eventually

The difference in this case, however, is that not Hollywood sues, but the software developer.

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