p2p barrier 1.0

by admin December 18, 2005 at 5:49 am

P2P is a fantastic invention and by no means do we intend to dampen the various possible legal applications of peer to peer technology by creating our p2p blocking software.

However, using P2P applications can open up a computer and network to serious threats from virus’s, worms, trojans and intrusion from unwanted guests. Just try searching for anything like ‘p2p virus’ or ‘p2p security problem’ on your favourite search engine and see the results.

Most p2p applications are used for sharing and obtaining access to copyright protected materials such as music, video and software. Allowing p2p applications to run on any home or office network can leave computer operators and administrators open and susceptible to copyright infringement prosecution.

p2p barrier is a file sharing barrier that completely stops the installation and operation of all file sharing programs like Kazaa, iMesh, Bearshare and Limewire . If you want to know how to stop p2p programs and applications, all you need to do is install this. P2P barrier is free and you can download it right now. Within minutes you will have blocked the usage or installation of any file sharing program.

p2p barrier has no hidden applications.

Download: p2p barrier 1.0