Pastefire app 1.1.1

by admin February 3, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Pastefire for iPhone – Desktop-to-iPhone smart copy/paste for everyone

Save time/be more efficient:

 Ã‚· Found a phone number in the yellow pages? Dial it instantly from your iPhone
 Ã‚· Spotted a cool URL while browsing? Open it instantly on mobile safari
 Ã‚· Seen a cool picture on the web? Add it instantly to your iPhone photo gallery

How to use pastefire?

 Ã‚· Simply copy content to the pastefire’s CopyZone using the simple text box, or the supplied bookmarklet.
 Ã‚· Then launch the pastefire iPhone app and trigger your chosen action.

Pastefire top features

 Ã‚· 1 click auto-mode actions include: phone number autodial, URL opening, transfer to iPhone clipboard
 Ã‚· smart URL, email address and phone number recognition
 Ã‚· common actions include: open in safari, SMS to or with content, Email to and with content, search on Google or Wikipedia
 Ã‚· call to skypeout (on wifi when active)
 Ã‚· Send to Twitter (Tweetie & Twitterriffic autodiscovered if installed)

Other features

 Ã‚· turn-key: no extra download required
 Ã‚· super safe: 256bit SSL encryption
 Ã‚· super fast: memorize your login/password for up to 1 year (on web site) for repeat usage from multiple computers
 Ã‚· super easy: auto discover apps installed for common actions (skype, tweetie, twitterific, more to come)
 Ã‚· super free: did we mention that already? (or at least, super free for now)

Download: Pastefire app 1.1.1