PayPal for iPhone 2.0.31

by admin April 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm

PayPal’s mobile money application is the faster way to send money with your iPhone to friends and family anytime, anywhere. It’s much easier than going to the ATM to withdraw cash, writing checks, and sending gifts the traditional way. And you can manage your PayPal account right from your mobile device. All of this with the security and protection you get from PayPal.

Send cash gifts, collect money for a group gift, or repay a friend.

PayPal on your iPhone

 Ã‚· Check your balance
 Ã‚· Send money
 Ã‚· View past transactions

New features include:

 Ã‚· Withdraw money, Request money, Money Tools – Bump, Split check & more

Download: PayPal for iPhone 2.0.31