pcBaseline 1.0.3

by admin February 23, 2007 at 2:18 pm

pcBaseline is a software program created to consolidate the tracking of vital aspects of your computer into one software solution. pcBaseline allows you to create baselines (or snapshots) of vital aspects of your computer. A baseline can be defined as a set of critical observations or data used for comparison. The key to pcBaseline is that it allows you to compare baselines of vital aspects of your computer to the current state. By comparing a baseline to the current state you are able to track changes to your computer.

Using pcBaseline gives you the ability to create baselines of vital aspects of your computer. By creating baselines you are storing a wealth of knowledge about your computer. This knowledge can be used to help track down the cause of behavioral changes to your computer such as increased pop-up ads and slower performance caused by more running processes. By comparing the current state to a baseline, you can efficiently track the changes made on your computer and deal with these changes as you see fit.

pcBaseline is not a service or a constantly running/monitoring background process. This prevents pcBaseline from tying up system resources and allows you to use pcBaseline without worrying about taking a performance hit with your computer.

Download: pcBaseline 1.0.3