PCI32 1.6

by admin December 20, 2007 at 4:10 pm

PCI32 is a suite of tools for hardware developers, engineers, programmers, system builders and the insatiably curious, that allows exploration of your PCI/AGP/PCI Express/CardBus/CompactPCI/PCI-X/PCI HotPlug/etc. hardware at the lowest level. Full source code is of course included, and is 100% freeware.

Some possible uses for these tools include the following:

– Fully Automating hardware recognition during Operating System installation via the -I option.
– Discovering what an “unknown device” is (both by manufacturer and model), so you can obtain drivers and support. A regularly updated database of over 19,000 entries lists virtually every known PCI device and manufacturer on the planet, even those that no longer exist.
– Examining your exact hardware configuration for curiosity or troubleshooting purposes (e.g. Latency, IRQ routing, AGP speed, resource conflicts and many more common problems can all be solved with these tools)
– Assisting with driver development and hardware design – examine your hardware ‘live’ as the OS/Driver sees it within Windows, and as the BIOS configures it within DOS via the -D option
– Exploring the source code for assistance with developing your own PCI code or hardware drivers
– Keeping up with modern hardware – with full PCI Express and multiple root-bus support via the -R option, PCI32 outperforms older tools tenfold.
– Auditing systems for hardware change: reports can be saved/printed/emailed/etc for reference and auditing purposes
– And much much more! Download and try it today!

PCI/PCI32 is different to most so-called “Diagnostic” programs, in that it totally bypasses Windows, Drivers, ACPI and the BIOS, and instead communicates directly with the actual hardware at the lowest possible level – unlike so-called diagnostic programs which merely report what the Windows API’s and/or registry report, regardless of it’s accuracy. PCI32 will show you what’s REALLY going on, not just what Windows thinks is happening. Operating system: Windows NT,2000,XP,2003,Vista.

Download: PCI32 1.6