PCPal 1.8 Beta

by admin January 15, 2008 at 3:17 pm

PCPal helps users maintain their PCs and keeps their computing environment optimized. PCPal Beta monitors users’ PCs, notifies them about important issues, and suggests fix solutions. Additionally, PCPal Beta provides users with self-help solutions including: a 1-click checkup function, which enables them to check their PCs whenever they like, tips and tutorials that teach users how to perform certain actions on their PCs, and a toolbox that concentrates the important tools that are found in the OS into one easy-to-find location. PCPal Beta provides support for a wide range of areas, such as PC performance, networking, and printing.

PCPal is spyware free and does not collect any personal information.

Download: PCPal 1.8 Beta Windows XP/Vista