Photoshop for Mactels due next spring

by admin April 24, 2006 at 3:56 am

‘Why are we waiting… ‘

Adobe Systems is gearing up to release its popular Photoshop and Creative Suite publishing software on Apple’s new Macintosh-Intel systems next spring.

The migration to a Mactel offering is expected to bode well for Adobe, which receives nearly half of its Photoshop and Creative Suite revenues from Mac users, said Kevin Connor, senior director of Adobe’s digital imaging product management.

Connor said: “People will move to the [Mac-Intel] products at the same rate they move over to the new systems. It will take some time for the transition to happen but it’s inevitable that it will.”

For Apple, the transition could not come soon enough. The computer maker recently attributed a slowdown in sales to users’ reluctance to buy new systems while they await a wider selection of products designed for Mac equipped with Intel processors.

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