PHP, Windows: Not an Oxymoron?

by admin September 15, 2006 at 8:58 am

TORONTO — Most PHP developers use a Windows desktop to develop their code, but then turn to Linux when it comes time to deploy their apps. It’s a situation that Microsoft is hoping to change

On day two of the php|works conference here, Microsoft’s Joe Stagner, who bears the title, “Opinionated Misfit Geek,” delivered the morning keynote in an effort to help persuade PHP developers to consider Microsoft as a deployment platform.

Stagner attempted to take a very personal approach, telling attendees his reasons for talking about Microsoft at a PHP conference were partially to give them a feel that the company might be different than the company people have come to know from the press.

“I’m trying to add one question to your design process,” Stagner said. “Is there any advantage to running on Windows as opposed to Linux?”

Though Microsoft is a sponsor of the php|works conference, Stagner noted for the record that Microsoft did not pay for him to speak and he wasn’t lost and knows that the conference isn’t TechED.

Microsoft has certainly been no stranger to conferences this year where historically they have been reviled.

Among them was a keynote from Bill Hilf, general manager of Microsoft Platform Strategy, at the Boston Linux World.

There was also a strong Microsoft presence at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

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