PicaSafe Express Photo Album 2.0 Build 213

by admin June 30, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Do you want to know how you can find photos you need on your hard drive in a matter of few seconds? Well, try PicaSafe Express Photo Album!

There are quite a few tricks that may help you guess which folders contain photos you need. Tired of guessing? Try PicaSafe Express Photo Album.
All your photos in one place. Store, view and share.

PicaSafe Express Photo Album places all photos in a stand-alone executable file

All photos are stored in a single stand-alone executable file. This means you won’t lose your photos and you will easily find them on your computer for further displaying or sharing. Do you want to tell your friends how you spent your vacation? Well, just start a slide-show from PicaSafe Express Photo Album and notice the way your photos make unforgettable impression on your friends.

Your photos are stored in a unchanged original form

PicaSafe Express Photo Album doesn’t change your photos in any way – no changes are made to the quality, resolution, or file extension. At any time you can copy, move to a hard drive, e-mail or print out your favorite photos.

You always know exactly where your photos are kept

PicaSafe Express Photo Album is a collection of photo albums grouped in a single file. Now, finding a photo you need became the simplest task ever. To do this, just take the following steps: start your copy of PicaSafe Express Photo Album, open a desired album, and get your photo.

Do you have a flash-drive or an external USB-drive? You can run PicaSafe Express Photo Album from any media!

PicaSafe Express Photo Album works fine with any flash drive. You can view, print and create new albums on any computer even if it doesn’t have an installed version of PicaSafe Express Photo Album.

PicaSafe Express Photo Album comprises functions of 2 individual programs – it stores photos and displays them to you. And it is completely FREE. It’s not a 2-in-1 bargain, it’s simply ZERO payment at all. Just download it, install and have fun using it.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7.

Download: PicaSafe Express Photo Album 2.0 Build 213