Picopolo 2.2.1

by admin August 25, 2007 at 9:01 am

Picopolo – Put your pictures in position

:: Link your digital images to the place where they were taken.
Never forget again which picture belongs to which place. Simply assign your images to your own or provided maps.

:: Link your digital images with exact coordinates.
Allocate your coordinates either manually or via direct data transmission by GPS receivers. Picopolo integrates recorded routes and automatically computes the coordinates.

:: Link your digital images to subjects, routes and time.
Organise your photos by creating different labels, e.g. subject (holidays, wedding), route (Rally Dresden-Dakar-Banjul, Mediterranean cruise) or time (March 2006). Add the same image to multiple labels without creating copies.

:: Edit your digital images with one-click-action.
Use integrated filters and functions for all common adjustment features, e.g. red eye removal, cropping, contrast and colour effects. Enhance your pictures in an instant.

:: Show your digital images with provided designs for all presentation modules.
Create individual photo albums and editions for print. Share your images on web albums or slide shows. For traditional photo prints, you can upload your best pictures to photo processing websites.

Download: Picopolo 2.2.1 Windows 2000/XP