Pismo File Mount Developer Kit Build 154

by admin October 12, 2009 at 9:16 pm

Mount ZIP, ISO, and Private Folder files as virtual folders to the Windows file system using the Pismo File Mount Audit Package.

Pismo File Mount is a Windows system extension that enables application controlled virtual and user mode file systems. Using Pismo File Mount, applications can expose all kinds of program and user data through the Windows file system interface.

Pismo File Mount Audit Package showcases the functionality provided by the Pismo File Mount system extension.

Pismo File Mount is licensed for use in all types of applications, from small open source and hobbyist projects to large corporate commercial applications. Refer to Pismo File Mount Licensing for information regarding redistribution and support for Pismo File Mount in commercial applications.

Pismo File Mount Developer Kit is available for use free of charge, subject to acceptance of the License Agreement.

Download: Pismo File Mount Developer Kit Build 154