Pixifex 2.11

by admin September 17, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Pixifex creates bitmap effects for Macromedia Flash. What FlaX does for text effects, Pixifex will do for images. It creates effects and transitions between images in a totally unique way.

Pixifex, like FlaX, produces thousands of unique effects by adjusting sliders and buttons.

More and more studio’s are using Macromedia Flash for CD-ROM productions: and Pixifex is particularly suited for this purpose.

Use this great tool to create stunning image effects and greatly enhance the impact of your products.

Adjustments to the program take effect immediately, making Pixifex another Goldshell productivity tool that you can’t afford to miss. Enhance the WOW-effect of your productions by creating stunning ShockWave image effects.

Pixifex exports in Flash format and can be imported into Flash for inclusion in other work, or inserted directly into a web page.

Originally distributed as shareware, Pixifex is now freeware.

Download: Pixifex 2.11