PlayFLV 2.0

by admin November 5, 2008 at 5:20 pm

PlayFLV is an installation package that enables Windows Media Player to play FLV (Flash Video) files.

Key features

 Ã‚· Plugin that enables Windows Media Player to playback FLV files
 Ã‚· Features all default functions, such as zooming, skipping and full screen view
 Ã‚· Creates file association: Double-click FLV files to play them in Windows Media Player
 Ã‚· Very lightweight plugin
 Ã‚· Free and open source

This program installs and registers FLVSplitter by Gabest. It binds FLV files to Windows Media Player, enabling playback of FLV files by double-clicking them. The installer prompts to download and install ffdshow, required for movies in Flash 7 file format. An uninstaller is included in the package.

Download: PlayFLV 2.0