PNotes 6.0.112

by admin April 26, 2010 at 9:00 pm

PNotes (Pinned Notes or Portable Notes, use what you prefer) is written entirely in C and Windows API (with Pelles C for Windows IDE) – so it is fast and light-weight. It has flexible settings – both for the program in whole and for individual note. Skins, fonts, colors, alarms, transparency level – there are all-in-one. Any portion of note’s text can be formatted separately.

There is a variety of skins for PNotes and, moreover, you can create your own one if download PNSkinCreator – a small utility for creation PNotes skins. Notes can also be skinless, that allows stretching them to any reasonable size. Scheduling is also important feature of PNotes. It is possible to schedule each note to remind you about significant events by three different ways – alarm you once, every day at specified time or pester you every specified interval.

You may also dock notes to any side of screen (all together or each one separately) and get as result a kind of panel.

One more PNotes feature – ability to join notes into groups by your choice. You can create, modify, delete and relocate groups by simple click or drag-and-drop. Changing group for each note performed by dragging it onto appropriate group.

PNotes is fully Unicode supported and translated into many languages.

And, obviously, it is portable – it leaves no traces in Windows registry and can be started from any drive (fixed or flash) on any computer. Take your notes with you to any location.

Download: PNotes 6.0.112