PodLift Beta

by admin May 18, 2007 at 7:26 am

PodLift is a Freeware program which allows you to browse the contents of any iPod, listen to any tracks you want, and transfer tracks and playlists to your computer, either to the directory of your choice or directly into iTunes into the playlist of your choice.

You can configure a few basic things, such as whether to let iTunes copy your music for you, have PodLift copy it, or have PodLift copy it and not add it to iTunes at all (iTunes is not actually required to use PodLift). You can also configure how files are saved (whether to create artist\album directories, and what information to include in the filename).

You can view all the playlists on your iPod. You can select what playlist to copy tracks into in iTunes. With one click you can create a copy of a playlist in iTunes.

PodLift uses the Apple QuickTime COM control to play tracks, so you need to install QuickTime to use PodLift.

PodLift has no ads, does not access the internet at all and does not change any settings in your computer.

Download: PodLift Beta