Podmailing 0.11.1

by admin December 18, 2008 at 10:38 pm

Podmailing: unlimited file sharing as easy as e-mail

Podmailingis a simple and efficient way to send and receive large files and folders by e-mail. It even works with ultra large files of several Gigabytes.

You just need to install our Podmailing software for Windows XP/Vista or MacOS X in order to start sending files for free. It is very simple because it works just like composing an e-mail.

After sending a notification e-mail, Podmailing transfers the file directly from your PC to your recipients using Peer-To-Peer. The file is also relayed through our servers in order to assure a fast and reliable delivery.

Then the file can be downloaded using the Podmailing software (recommended) or any BitTorrent client. As soon as the file has arrived on our servers, it can also be downloaded directly in a Web browser with a standard http download. So your recipients are not required to install the Podmailing software.

Download: Podmailing 0.11.1 <