PowerShell-XP 3.01

by admin December 28, 2007 at 9:00 am

PowerShell-XP adds all the listed items to your context menus (right click).
Now you can logoff/re-start/shutdown, drop to dos, edit the registry and much more, faster!

PowerShell-XP3 adds all these items to your context menus.
Right Click The “My Computer” icon.
– Add/Remove Programs
– Calculator
– Clean Drive
– Control Panel
– Dos Prompt
– Edit Registry
– Logoff
– Quit Windows
– Reboot
– Security Center (New)
– System Properties
– System Restore

Right Click The “Drive(s)” icon’s.
– Check Drive (New)
– Clean Drive
– Defrag this Drive
– Dos Prompt

Right Click a “Folder” icon.
– Backup this Folder
– Dos Prompt
– Copy to Folder
– Move to Folder

Right Click on a File.
– Copy to Folder
– Move to Folder

Highlight and then Right Click a word on a webpage.
– Search Current News (New)
– Search Encyclopedia (New)
– Search for Images
– Search Newsgroups
– Search the Web

In “New” property menus.
– HTML Document
– Registration Entries

Notes: PowerShell-XP3 will only work on Windows XP w/service pack 2. PowerShell-XP2 will only work on Windows XP.

Download: PowerShell-XP 3.01