Pristy Utils 2009 1.1.9

by admin September 12, 2008 at 8:12 pm

Pristy Utils – a set of utilities for your PC.

System PowerDown
With this application you turn off your system at specific time.
Why?…You save power and extend your computer life.

Web Assistant
With this application you can get more from web browsing without any random clicking.
What?…Links are organized in Web Search, Info, News and free web Services and much more.

PC Detector
Check you PC system components what are they and how fast they are running.
Why?…To be sure what did you bought.

Memory Cleaner
With this application you can clean your RAM.
Why?…To get more RAM without any system reset to get refreshed.

File Wipeout
With this application you permanently erase important files if you don’t need them any more.
Why?…To be safe and secure.

Desktop Clock
The last application is floating desktop clock with detailed
information about current time, date and CPU speed.

Download: Pristy Utils 2009 1.1.9