Programmer ports Google Android to first-gen Apple iPhone

by admin April 22, 2010 at 7:11 pm

A programmer has managed to run the Google Android mobile operating system on an iPhone, with features like browsing the Web and making phone calls functional on Apple’s hardware.

David Wong, who goes by the handle “planetbeing,” demonstrated his hack on video this week. The dual-boot setup, using a program called “OpeniBoot,” allows the iPhone to be restarted and then run Google Android.

While the hack was demonstrated on a first-generation iPhone, Wong said porting to the iPhone 3G would be “pretty simple.” An iPhone 3GS compatible version, he said, would be more difficult.

“The iPhone can in fact dual boot both the iPhone OS and Android, he said. “So even if you install Android on your phone, your iPhone can still be used normally.”

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