Proxy Sniffer Free Edition 4.2

by admin March 11, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Professional Load Testing Tool

Proxy Sniffer enables you to perform professional web load tests and web stress tests. As a result, you obtain meaningful information about response time behaviour, throughput and stability of your web application. Detailed test results allow you to tune and optimise your web application and its environment.

Proxy Sniffer enables you to determine the precise number of users your web application can manage. It also enables you to anticipate its performance under actual operating conditions.

Proxy Sniffer is easy to use and is fully documented. The product contains a wide range of innovative functions which are all directly accessible via a user-friendly GUI. Tests with complex requirements can be quickly and easily realised.

The Proxy Sniffer “Free Edition” is provided at no cost and can be used indefinitely.

Download: Proxy Sniffer Free Edition 4.2