Ptiso ISO/CFS Tool Build 154

by admin October 16, 2009 at 6:04 pm

Command line tool to create CFS compliant CD/DVD image files and convert between various CD/DVD image formats.

Ptiso is a command line utility that allows users to create and convert Compact File Sets and CD/DVD image files between ISO, Compact ISO (CISO), and Compact File Set (CFS) formats.

Ptiso is availabe on the download page. Two packages are available, one for Windows users including pre-compiled binaries, and a source code package that can be used on Linux and other operating systems.

Ptiso is also included in the Pismo File Mount Audit Package and is installed by its installer.

Pismo ISO/CFS Tool is available for use free of charge, subject to acceptance of the License Agreement.

Download: Ptiso ISO/CFS Tool Build 154