Quick Zip Lite

by admin February 3, 2011 at 12:45 am

QuickZip features no ads, no spyware and has been a completely free archiver since 1999.


Open all kinds of archives
· Allows you to work with 22 encode and encryption formats and 44 archive extensions. Including the popular 7z format.

Script support
· Run automated backups and other operations using the powerful aks and akp scripts.

Advanced file list
· Advanced file list support, including the highlighting of files that match the user defined filter.
· Thumbnail support to display all pictures in the archive.

Shell integration
· Drag and drop files and directories from file list to explorer to extract or add.
· Context menu support to provide operations directly from the menu, without having to start the main program.

· Allows you to add archive bookmarks which perform like your browser bookmarks. You can organize your bookmarks into folders.

Tons of tools
· Search in Archive – Search files in archives based on the name, directory, size and date.
· Archive Finder – Look for archives by searching for the files that you are looking for.
· Multi Extract – Allows you to extract multiple archives at the same time.
· Virus Scan Support – Automatically scan for viruses every time you extract using your anti virus software or the included free Clam-AV plugin.
· Mass Renamer – Simple but powerful tool that allows you to rename a group of files using masks.
· Encryption – You can encrypt using Blowfish, Des, 3Dex and Aes encoding methods.
· Other tools including Repair Zip, Archive Convert, SFX and Disk Span.

Download: Quick Zip Beta | Quick Zip Lite