RaceRender 0.96.1

by admin June 14, 2009 at 12:40 pm

RaceRender enables you to create videos that make use of picture-in-picture overlays, split-screens, camera switching, transparencies, and many other options. Unlike common video editing software, RaceRender is a video processor that is designed to easily and efficiently mix multiple concurrent video and audio sources. It was originally created to produce fast-paced motorsports video from multiple cameras without requiring expensive video processing hardware, and it has since evolved to become useful for a wide variety of other purposes as well.

RaceRender is available in two editions:
– RaceRender Free provides the main functionality for free, and adds a “RaceRender.com” logo to the corner of the videos it creates.
– RaceRender Deluxe comes with greatly increased capabilities, at a price significantly lower than most video software or hardware.

Download: RaceRender 0.96.1