RarMonkey 1.2

by admin January 9, 2010 at 2:00 pm

RarMonkey is a cool, new, freeware utility to extract Rar compressed archive files such as those that are frequently downloaded from forums, file-hosting sites, and newsgroups.

RarMonkey might be cute, but it’s all business when it comes to doing what it was designed to do: extracting Rar files. Because it only does one thing, it does it easily, efficiently, and with style.

RarMonkey can optionally associate itself with Rar files and even integrate with the Windows Shell making it easier than ever to extract any amount of Rar archives in one simple step. You can either just double-click one Rar file or select any amount of them, right-click, and click “Extract with RarMonkey” to start the extraction process. You can also drag any amount of Rar files from Windows Explorer and drop them on the program when it is open to start extracting them.

If you’re extracting lots of Rar files at once, you can select one destination folder, then have the program automatically create new folders under that one for each archive it extracts in the process, naming those new folders after the name of the Rar file. That way the whole operation can happen unattended, since you don’t have to keep selecting destination folders.

Also, if you are extracting multiple Rar archives that are protected by the same password, you can specify one password and have it automatically used for every archive in that operation so you don’t have to keep entering it for every one. This is a unique feature in RarMonkey that is not found in other programs of this type, at least not to our knowledge.

Features at a glance

 Ã‚· Optionally integrates with Windows Shell (Explorer context menu).
 Ã‚· Optionally associates itself with Rar files.
 Ã‚· Can extract several Rar archives at once.
 Ã‚· Can use one password automatically for multiple archive extractions of Rar files that are protected with the same password.
 Ã‚· Cool, fun interface.
 Ã‚· Absolutely free!

Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7.

Download: RarMonkey 1.2