RealDVD copies, stores movie DVDs onto your hard drive

by admin September 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm

The new program rips your DVD movies, including all the menus, special features, and audio tracks, and stores them on a hard drive for later viewing—and according to RealNetworks, at least, it’s all legal.

When the reps from RealNetworks first described RealDVD ($29, 30-day free trial, available later this month) to me, I shrugged my shoulders—after all, there are plenty of free, albeit less-than-legit, apps available that’ll rip a Macrovision-protected DVD onto a hard drive.

What makes RealDVD stand apart from freebies like Handbrake, however, is that RealDVD copies the entire DVD to your hard drive—and I mean all of it, including all the DVD menus, every last audio track, all the special features, the FBI warnings, and even the CSS copy protection. Indeed, the RealDVD copy is an exact copy, with no visible degradation in video quality. (Most other DVD rippers, Handbrake included, only rip a single title at a time.)

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