Registry Wizard 1.2

by admin October 15, 2006 at 6:42 am

Registry Wizard is a powerful program that allows you to backup your Windows registry. Every version of Windows has a registry or “database” that stores all the information about your system such as hardware, software, personal settings, etc. If your registry becomes corrupt you can lose everything. Historically the only way to backup your registry was during a tape backup of your system. However, most people don’t have a tape drive and therefore cannot make a backup of their registry. With Registry Wizard you can make a backup to directory on your hard drive. In the event that your registry becomes corrupt, Registry Wizard can restore your original registry.

Use To backup your computer’s registry enter the directory where you want to store your backup and select “Backup.” It is a good idea to make a backup at least once every month. Registry Wizard allows you to make multiple backups by entering a different path. In the event you need to restore your registry, start Registry Wizard and select “Restore Registry.” Enter the path to the backup on your system and click “Restore.” After you reboot your machine your registry will be restored.

Registry Wizard is 100% free!

Download: Registry Wizard 1.2