Remote Access Control (RAC) 1.21.0

by admin January 24, 2010 at 6:36 pm

Remote Access Control (RAC) is a Plugin for Uvnc to ease the removal of Viruses, and controlling of Remote-Computers via the Internet or Lan. This Utility is one of few that can Reboot the “Remote Computer” and STILL CONNECT BACK TO ITSELF WITHOUT ANY USER INTERACTION from the client (Must be a 24/7 connection, NO dialup). If your “line” gets disconnected, RAC will assure you get re-connected again. You also don’t need a WAKE ON LAN to be enabled on the client side as RAC doesn’t need this.


a) Offline Compiler;
b) 50 Connections supported;
c) Re-Boot with Safe Mode Support on all Connections; (Not meant for Dial-Up connections)
d) Monitoring of Dropped Connections (Direct AND Reboot)
e) Aero and UAC Manipulation;
f) Get your CORRECT IP from your ISP when connecting via Internet.
g) Time-Delay function for slow NIC connections (20 sec “default”).
h) Option for LAN or WAN connection
i) Added a Utility called THE WIZARD (Excellent for working on Vista or Windows 7)
J) Added Feature…Now you can add your OWN Utilities into RAC that will be added to the helpdesk.exe file (This is the file you send to your client to Remote Connect)
k) Timer option added to monitor the time spend on client’s PC

Download: Remote Access Control (RAC) 1.21.0