Renpad Backup 2008

by admin September 30, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Renpad Backup 2008 has been designed with the end user in mind. By using a simple yet powerful interface the end user can backup their files with only a few clicks.

When a backup is carried out the end user has the option to create a .rib file which allows them to carry out that same backup with 3 clicks. The backups can be split into smaller pieces so that you can burn your large backups to a DVD or CD.

Best of all Renpad Backup 2008 is absolutely 100% free. No spyware, adware attached. Making it a cost effective solution for any end user.

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista. WinRAR or 7zip. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

Download: Renpad Backup 2008