Report: Microsoft Preparing Zune HD, Details and Pics Leak

by admin April 15, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Zune HD reported to get HD Radio tuner, multi-touch

There is no doubt that the dominate player in the market is the Apple iPod family. With the massive success of the iPod, many other major electronics makers followed with their own music players, including Microsoft with its Zune.

The Zune proved to be not nearly as successful in the market as the iPod, but Microsoft is hanging on and introducing new models to try to woo shoppers to its brand. What are rumored to be images of a new Zune called the Zune HD began circulating last week.

Neowin reports that it can confirm that the pictures circulated last week were from an internal Microsoft promotional video. The device is reportedly referred to internally as the “Zune v4 powered by HD” .

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