Report: Palm “Nova” phone has “large” touchscreen, QWERTY

by admin January 5, 2009 at 4:40 pm

Rumors are swirling over Palm’s expected announcement of a next-gen smartphone on Thursday. The latest: That the “Nova” phone will boast a “slide-down” QWERTY keypad and a jumbo touchscreen.

That’s the word from tech blog CrunchGear, whose “trusted” source goes on to call Palm’s long-awaited Nova OS “amazing,” packing such features as “media playback functions,” a calendar, e-mail (I’d certainly hope so), and “contact functionality.”

CrunchGear has a Photoshop mockup of the new, “iPhone-like” handset up on its site, but I’ve yet to see any pictures—fuzzy or otherwise—of the real McCoy.

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