Report points to Xbox 360 shortage

by admin November 28, 2005 at 8:15 am

Europeans scrap over just 300,000 boxes

Speculation abounds that only 300,000 Xbox 360s will be making their way to Europe for the launch of the console on 2 December.

In a weekend interview with German financial publication Euro am Sonntag, Chris Lewis, Microsoft’s regional vice president (EMEA, Home and Entertainment Division) is quoted as saying that analyst predictions of 300,000 Xbox 360s being shipped to Europe on launch day “were not far removed from reality.”
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Lewis continued, saying that it’s possible the Xbox 360 will sell out on launch day in much the same way as it did on the day of the US launch on 22 November, when all units were sold out within two hours of stores opening.

Full article: The Register