RetroMessenger 0.2

by admin December 3, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Instant Messenger – secure & serverless, maintenance free, open source, PC & Mobile Linux/Win Phone Usage.

RetroMessenger – Just talk with your friends: This Instant Messenger is open source, secure and serverless.

RetroMessenger is a easy to use and simple Instant Messenger to keep all your friends listed in a friendlist and to message them.

All messages to your friends are secure and encrypted, so no third party is listening. You just need to swap with your friend a PGP-Key and you are done. RetroMessenger is encrypted out of the box, that means no difficult installation or extra-downloads for the encryption part is needed.

RetroMessenger does not need a central server. So the network never will be down or monitored by one central authority sending you adds or “weather notices”. With RetroMessenger you are not on anyones “needle”, you are only connected to your community.

More and more you have Instant Messaging on you mobile phone, especially windows or open source linux phones like the openmoko or maemo. RetroMessenger is designed with a small tiny gui to fit these needs on mobile phones.

Download: RetroMessenger 0.2