reTune 0.3.0

by admin June 9, 2007 at 4:06 am

reTune is a very useful tool for all iPod users who, for some reason, are not happy about iTunes and want to manage their music files for themselves. With reTune, you can copy music to the iPod with Explorer, Finder, Konqueror, Nautilus or any other file manager you like (yes, cp will work, too 😉 and have it played back by the iPod with (almost) no hassles. The only thing you have to do is start this litte program just after plugging the iPod into your USB port and before unplugging it.

reTune scans the whole iPod volume for playable files, retrieving metadata (e.g. ID3 tags) from these files, and moving them to a location where the iPod can find them. The collected metadata and file names are then written to an iTunesDB file, which the iPod requires for proper blayback. This process is called freezing. reTune keeps track of the original filenames of the files added to the database. Thus, it is possible to unfreeze the song database, i.e. move the music files back to the location where they came from (all inside the iPod’s filesystem, of course).

Please note that reTune is still in development and may or may not work for you. You should always create a backup of the /iPod_Control/iTunes directory before trying reTune.

Download: reTune 0.3.0