RexEdit 0.2.8 Beta

by admin August 10, 2007 at 9:07 am

RexEdit is a very powerful and fast programmer’s text and source code editor. Includes highlighting for over 50 syntaxes (programming/markup languages, scripts, specific files, etc). Fully customizable environment: you can change everything – from button layout to syntax highlighting colors. It also has very helpful ready to use additional functions such as text transformation procedures or specific files managing routines. Effective templates engine and integrated project management features helps edit your files in lighting speed. Supports UNIX, DOS and Mac file formats.

RexEdit is developed under W3 license; it means that RexEdit is absolutely free software package, has no spyware and can be freely downloaded or duplicated without any risk.

Basic Features
• Supports both, UNIX and Windows, file formats.
• Customizable syntax highlighting for 55 languages (including C++, ASP, PHP, VB, Assembler, Python, Eiffel, Perl, …).
• Full Windows Shell integration.
• Auto-Complete, Auto-Correct, Auto-Suggest features.
• Supports multi-files.
• Smart tabulations and indents.
• Opened files history tracker.
• Files Bookmarking.
• Detailed statistics.
• Skin-able and very convenient environment.
• Fast and easy installation.
• It’s free! No spyware or any ads.

Download: RexEdit 0.2.8 Beta