Risingware Exp+ Free Edition 3.0b

by admin September 21, 2010 at 9:10 am

With dual panels and tabs, Risingware Exp+ seamlessly integrates most essential software into one, including a web browser based on Trident (IE) layout engine, a Windows Explorer replacement, and some handy utilities, to bring you fun and ultimate efficiency. It is available for both free use and paid use.

In other words, Risingware Exp+ integrates a multi-process web browser, a dual-panel file manager, and utilities, which is a super explorer providing single access to your desktop, the web and productivity.

Featured Functions

 Ã‚· Dual-panel, multi-tabbed design
 Ã‚· Interactive Start Page
 Ã‚· Smart use of mouse (drag and drop, right-clicking)
 Ã‚· Favorites management (Favorites, Groups)
 Ã‚· Personalized toolbars (Function Key Toolbar, Fast Start Toolbar)

Dual-panel File Manager

 Ã‚· File Compression Tool
 Ã‚· Consecutive File Renamer
 Ã‚· Image Previewer
 Ã‚· File Content Previewer
 Ã‚· File Split Tool

IE-based Web Browser

 Ã‚· Multi-process and tabbed browsing
 Ã‚· Multiple search
 Ã‚· Create your personal search engines
 Ã‚· Web Filter (Including Pop-up Blocker)
 Ã‚· Integrate IE Accelerators and Search Providers
 Ã‚· Drag and drop text search
 Ã‚· Web page e-Mailer
 Ã‚· RSS Reader


 Ã‚· Exp+ Basic Toolbox
 Ã‚· Fast Start Genie
 Ã‚· Boss Key
 Ã‚· Window transparency tool

 Ã‚· Exp+ Advanced Toolbox (Professional Edition only)
 Ã‚· File Backup Tool
 Ã‚· Directory Synchronizer
 Ã‚· Batch File Renamer

Risingware Exp+ Free Edition is the best free File Manager in market, it offers:
 Ã‚· Free of Charge for use of Exp+ File Manager, Web Browser, and Basic Toolbox.
Some functions are typically available only in the paid versions of many File Managers.

 Ã‚· 60-day free trial of Advanced Toolbox of Professional Edition.

Download: Risingware Exp+ Free Edition 3.0b