Roll Your Own Google: Customize Your Search Results With ‘Preferred Sites’

by admin January 19, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Alex Chitu from the Google Operating System has found a new experimental feature for Google Search: preferred sites. Thanks to this, you may soon be able to tell Google about your favorite sites and have them appear more often in your search results. If you like to get your movie data from the IMDB, for example, you can tell Google to prefer this site over other movie review services. This feature would also be very useful if you want Google to prefer results from your local newspaper over stories from national papers, or if you want to see product reviews from specific sites.

As it is typical for these experiments from Google, this new feature is only slowly being rolled out and it is not clear if this will become part of Google’s standard feature set for Google Search yet. If you want to see if it is available for your account, click on the ‘Preferences’ link next to the search box on Google Search.

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