by admin October 12, 2009 at 4:50 pm

RssBandit is an RSS/Atom aggregator (also known as an RSS Reader) for your desktop written with the .NET Framework.


Instances of RSS Bandit can be synchronized using WebDAV, FTP or a file share.
• Support for creating nested categories of feeds.
• Ability to configure how long news items are displayed, independent of when they appeared in a subscribed feed.
• Single-click automatic discovery of RSS feeds for a particular website using Mark Pilgrim’s Ultra-liberal RSS autodiscovery algorithm.
• Ability to post comments to weblogs that support the CommentAPI such as any weblog based on dasBlog or .TEXT
• Ability to view comments posted in response to news items on sites that support the wfw:commentRss element such as any weblog based on dasBlog or .TEXT.
• Support for tabbed browsing using embedded Web browser.
• Support for proxy servers.
• Uses GZip encoding and HTTP conditional GET to reduce bandwidth utilized when downloading feeds.
• Support for password protected feeds using SSL & HTTP Authentication.
• Look of news items displayed in the feed pane can be customized using XSLT.
• Integrated toolbar for searching Google, Feedster and MSN.
• Ability to flag items for followup.
• Ability to track related news items and displaying them in a threaded view akin to a mail or news reader.
• Creates a hierarchy of “Virtual Feeds” containing information about errors encountered while downloading RSS feeds, comments posted to weblogs from RSS Bandit and items flagged for follow up.
• Automatic updating of feed location when an HTTP 301 (Moved Permanently) sent by the web server.
• Ability to drag links into RSS Bandit’s tree view to subscribe to a feed.
• The ability to upload blogroll to your dasBlog weblog.

• Ready for Windows 7

Running the application requires v3.5 of the .NET Framework.

Download: RssBandit