RText 1.1.0

by admin March 17, 2010 at 8:22 pm

The goal of RText is to create a complete, fully-featured text editor (designed primarily for programmers, but can be used by anyone) that can run on any platform. Originally designed to be a Windows Notepad clone, RText has grown into much more than that.

RText is actively being developed, with new features constantly being added and old features improved. Its current feature set includes:

– Syntax Highlighting is actively being developed. Currently supported languages are Assembler, X86 assembler, C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, Perl, HTML, SAS, SQL, Windows batch, UNIX shell, and XML. RText will support more languages in the not-too-distant future. RText is also capable of bracket matching, highlighting the current line, and displaying a margin line to help you with your programming.

– Macro support allows you to perform complex editing tasks quickly and in an automated fashion.
– Drag-and-drop files from your desktop directly into RText.

– Edit multiple documents simultaneously through a tabbed, list, or traditional MDI interface. No need to open multiple instances of the application to edit multiple documents.

– Code Templates allow you to associate short identifiers with longer phrases/code blocks you frequently type to speed up time spent banging at the keys.

– Find/Find Next/Replace/Replace Next dialogs make searching for text easy, and include such options as Match Case, Whole Word Only, Use Regular Expressions, and Mark All.

– Find in Files dialog allows you to search for a given string or regular expression in any group of files or directories on your computer.

– File encodings are supported. Open and edit files in any encoding supported by your JVM.

– Unlimited Undo/Redo actions ensure you will never make a mistake you can’t recover from.

– Print and Print Preview functionality allow you to create hard copies of your documents with ease.

– CTags support if you have Exhuberant CTags installed in your machine (regular UNIX ctags won’t cut it). With the “Source Browser” you can see a list of functions, variables, etc. in the current source, allowing you to quickly jump to a function definition, insert a method name at the caret position, and other handy stuff.

– Auto-Reload. RText will sense if a document you have open in RText is modified by another program, and ask you whether you want to reload the document.

– Customizable user interface allow you to have your editor look the way you want it to. Change such features as the Java Look and Feel, the view style, the icon set used in menus and on the toolbar, the font, the background (choose a color or a picture from your computer), the colors used for syntax highlighting, and more.

– Help documentation similar to HTML Help found in many Microsoft Windows applications provides you with assistance if you should need it.

– Cross-platform. Since RText is written in Java, it can be run on any platform supporting version 1.4 or greater of the Java Runtime Environment.

Download: RText 1.1.0