RTP AV Render Filter 0.8.000 Beta

by admin September 17, 2008 at 6:46 pm

RTP AV Render Filter is a Directshow Filter, with the purpose to render video to the network using standards such as RTP and RTSP.

It includes both packetizers and encoders for all available codecs.

The standards are supported:

Video features:
– H.263
– H.263+

Audio features:
– G.711-aLaw/uLaw
– G.729
– AMR-NB 0-7

Functional features:
– Resize Video before encoding (Linear and Cubic Interpolation)
– Freely choosable video and audio destination
– Video: Max. Packetsize, Bitrate, Framerate, I-Frame Frequency
– Audio: Max. Packet duration (ms)

Download: RTP AV Render Filter 0.8.000 Beta