Rumor: iPhone gamepad may get Apple’s support

by admin September 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm

TouchArcade—which is actually a nice site—is out and in front with a rumor fit for a long weekend: a case-like game controller for the iPhone and iPod touch. Before there is any scoffing, such an add-on is already being developed by iControlPad. However, the JoyPod pictured above is different, different besides looking like a rendering. It’s a Spanish-looking rendering.

With JoyPod you can squeeze the most out of your iPod or iPhone Touch, because with its revolutionary system of modular housing get to play your titles of the App Store the easiest way.

Besides the above translation-mangled ad copy, the JoyPod has both an audio output and Dock connector. It has a total of 8 buttons: 6 on the front plus two triggers or little cats, depending on translation. The JoyPod also allows you to “touch rubber to make the unique gaming experience,” though I generally find the experience better without the rubber. Oh, and the JoyPod is from Belkin.

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