RunIT! 2.01

by admin February 19, 2007 at 11:07 am

RunIT! is a simple yet advanced system for easy indexing of your computer and searching the web with one keystroke on your keyboard.

It stores keywords related to software and documents and loads them by typing the keywords associated with the files.

RunIT! puts an end to messy desktops, start menus, never finding your files and favorite pages. All your data is stored using keywords assigned by you, so you’ll never have to search for a file.


:: Arrange all your files, websites and programs by your own keywords.
:: Start all items in index in seconds.
:: Perform websearches by pressing a single key.
:: Clean all your unnecessary icons from your desktop and start menu.
:: Turn your computer to a smooth, memory-saving machine.
:: Shorten time searching for files and program on a messy system.
:: Lower your system workload by cleaning it from unncessary items.
:: Automatic wizard for detecting commonly used program on your computer.
:: “Grabbing” websites from currently visited Internet Explorer sites.

Download: RunIT! 2.01 | Screenshots